Land-Based Cultural Leadership Program Poster

Land-Based Cultural Leadership Program

What is The Land-Based Cultural Leadership Program?

The Program is a full school year program for grade eight students who enjoy being in the outdoors and want to improve their leadership and teamwork skills while working on the grade eight curriculum in a practical format. Students will not switch from subject to subject, class to class, but rather will take all classes with the same teachers in an integrated, project based format. Through experiential education, students in the program will plan for their future by developing leadership and teamwork skills in a culturally responsive way, thereby enriching their lives and our community. The program has been created under the guidance of knowledge keepers and Elders, and will seek to infuse Indigenous culture into the curriculum. 

Who is it for?

The Program is for grade eight students who want to spend their entire year learning the curriculum through hands-on, in and out of school experiences. It is for students who are interested in learning through integrated projects, in a holistic approach to learning that honours Indigenous ways of knowing. It is for young people who have shown the potential for leadership and would like to further develop it. Our program is geared towards those students who have this potential, but might not have been able to realize yet. 

How do I apply?

  1. All interested students and parents / guardians should come to a parent information meeting on Wednesday April 10th 2019 at Bishop Lloyd Middle School in the library at 7:00pm.
  2. Fill in the following student information and parent permission form and hand in to the office at Bishop Lloyd Middle School. All applications must be received by the office at Bishop Lloyd by 4:00pm on Friday May 3, 2019. Please note that the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting in.
  3. Of the students that apply, a group will be chosen to participate in an application camp at Vermilion Provincial Park on Thursday May 30 and Friday May 31, 2019. Tents, transportation and meals will be provided. If you need a sleeping bag, one can be provided. From these students at application camp, a group will be chosen to form the class in the fall. More details about the camp will be provided to those students who are chosen to attend.

Click here to download the 2019-20 Application Form and to learn more about the program.

What do I get out of it? What is the program’s philosophy?

There are nine components of our overall vision regarding how the grade eight curriculum will be taught to the students in the Land-Based Cultural Leadership Program. They are as follows:

Relationship Building

This includes developing relationships between the students as well as with the staff members who work with them. We feel that it is very important that we all like each other, most of the time, for the best learning to take place.

Cultural Responsiveness

This includes analyzing and learning from our prejudicial responses, developing life-long friendships, learning how diversity comes together to make a stronger whole, and including aboriginal context and content teachings throughout the year.

Integrated Project Based Learning

This includes doing long term and real life projects with all subject areas integrated. For the most part, there will not be scheduled separation of subject areas.

Experiential Education

This includes learning in the best place at the best time, which will usually be out in the real world, being hands on and doing things instead of just learning about them, spending as much time in the great outdoors as possible and experiencing as many different career options as we can fit in one school year.

Assessment for Learning

This includes using student and teacher developed criteria to assess our work rather than using marks or percentages, student involvement in the creation of the report card, and learning from our mistakes.

Future Vision

This includes working on career education, improving self-concept and self-confidence, developing a sense of hope, planning for the future (job, education, lifestyle), and valuing lifelong active living.

Teamwork & Leadership

This includes working on communication skills (speaking, listening, etc), developing independence and responsibility, learning how to use strengths and weaknesses, developing presentation and decision making skills, learning risk management, working and learning in teams, and learning from failures to turn them into successes.


We feel that being able to choose and make choices is important because throughout your life you will have to make choices all the time. This means that our students are treated as adults with lots of opportunities to make choices, make mistakes and deal with the natural consequences. The first choice you get to make it is to apply to spend your grade 8 year with us.


Life is too short not to have fun. Our goal is to have fun with all of the students in the program.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Derek Hyland at or 780-875-6239.