Grade 7 Course Offerings

Band or Performing Arts

Students must choose either Band or Performing Arts.


What will I learn? In band, students learn how to play their band instrument and express themselves through music. Band students learn music theory and literacy, composition and improvisation skills, music history, and how the world is affected by the arts. Band also teaches students how to be excellent leaders as well as team players!

How will I learn it? Band class is primarily a hands-on activity, but we also practice theory, do research, and discuss how we can create an impact through the arts. It is expected that all students will play and practice their instrument often in order to learn class content and improve! Most in-class learning would be considered group work, but individual practice also plays a large role in band. Units include preparing for a festival performance, exploring current events and their ties to the arts, and basic music theory.

How can I be successful in this class? Students are constantly being assessed on their literacy, musicianship skills, and personal growth. This includes theory quizzes, playing tests, and self-reflection practice journals. The best way to improve is to practice your instrument regularly and prepare for theory quizzes using the resources provided in class!

Do the band classes go on trips? Yes! Grade 7 and 8 bands can expect a one day trip, while Grade 9 Band can expect an overnight trip. Generally, BLMS bands will travel to music festivals to experience a variety of learning opportunities. Bishop Lloyd Band Program also hosts winter and spring band concerts. Full participation in all band activities is an expectation.

What do students have to say about band?

“I love band because it’s fun to play my trumpet and there’s always new music to play, even if it’s not in band class.” - SB

“Band is amazing because it’s an opportunity for us to try new things with others students who play different instruments. It’s really fun and I totally recommend it to others.” - KE

“Band is is a good challenge to have. You get to go on trips and work with different music professionals, and you can learn so many different tips from the different teachers.” - JD

“You should be in band because it’s a great way for you to learn a new talent. I really enjoy playing in band and can’t wait to continue next year!” - DJ


Grade 7 Performing Arts

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Grade 7 Performing Arts Course

Students will have opportunity to inquire, create, communicate and make personal connections with all types of art (dance, drama, music and visual art).

Unit Covered:



Visual Arts


Projects and Assignments/Assessments:     

Improv - Student Participation

Monologues - Performance

Script Writing/Reading - Script Creation

Mask Making -  Rubric for Creation

Forced Perspective Photography  

Reader’s Theatre

Basic Video Skills -   Video Creation

Field Trips:

Vic Juba for Junior Community Drama Production

LCHS Drama Production

What students should expect to encounter:

Students will be expected to take part in a variety of group activities during each of our units (dance, music, visual arts and drama).   Students will need to be willing to participate, have a positive attitude and try new things to be successful in this course. 

Student Comments and Quotes about the Class:

“It’s awesome because the projects are hands on”

“There are a variety of tasks, tasks that are fun”

“The class/group is encouraging, non-judgmental and you feel safe trying new things”

Hockey Academy

At all grade levels students have the opportunity to join the Hockey Academy program if they wish. It is a user pay program that offers students the opportunity to train on and off ice with high quality instructors. Time for Academy will replace time typically received for physical education and health.  Please see the link below for more information.