Grade 9 Course Offerings

Grade 9 Class Choices

Arts Ed 2019

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Band or Arts Education

Students must choose between Band (an all year course) or Arts Education which has 4 strands (visual art, dance, drama, and music) and each strand runs for 10 weeks.



  1. Visual Art

What will I learn?

During the 10 weeks of Art in the Arts Ed course, students will look at the elements and principles of art and incorporate these into three different projects.

How will I learn it?

Each project will be centered around student identity and exploring how you can be individuals, yet still fit and grow together.  A wide variety of mediums will be used (acrylic, water color, markers, pencil crayons, foam boards, cardboard, etc)

How can I be successful in this class?

You do not have to have experience in art to be successful and have enjoyment in this class – an open mind, willingness to try new things, take risks, and willingness to use class time effectively are essential and expected.  

How will I be marked?

All projects are individual and will be graded separately. 

Are there any field trips?

During the Arts Ed course, students will have the experience of attending the LCHS musical performance, which incorporates art, drama, music, and dance - the four areas covered in Arts Ed throughout the year.

     2. Dance

What will I learn?

Students will begin the class with research concerning a dance of their choice. Not only do students get to learn about any dance that peak their interest, but they also get to demonstrate and teach their peers what they have learned. Student’s also get the opportunity to create a dance that is focused on social justice and social change. Lastly, get funky, bust a move and practice your steps in our freestyle dance off.

How will I learn it?

Independent research, independent presentations, group projects and group presentations.

How can I be successful in this class?

Students should be prepared to improve their dancing. They also will be brushing up on their group work abilities and presentation skills. Participants will be assessed on their ability to work in groups and complete assignments within the required time frame. Also, being able to portray social issues through movement and group work will be a key component in this course.

Are there any cool trips this year? Each year students are taken to see the LCHS musical performance, which incorporates art, drama, music, and dance - the four areas covered in Arts Ed throughout the year.

      3. Drama

What will I learn?

In this course we will be working on numerous skills including understanding dramatic terminology and elements, learning how to build believable characters, and creating personal and stylistic pieces that reflect social agency and awareness. Students will gain confidence in their understanding of the theatre and their place within it. A large focus of this course is on creativity and risk taking.

How will I learn it?

Students will start by learning terminology and dramatic elements through visuals and then transition into group work for all performances. Students will work together to write and perform their scripts. Some written work is required and will be individually completed.

How can I be successful in this class?

Students will be asked to share creative ideas, work with others, and perform in front of the class during this course. We will focus on building that confidence in a safe and encouraging space. The expectation is that students will come to class with a positive attitude and use class time effectively. 

All Arts Education students will be going to the annual LCHS musical as a curricular trip.

  1. Music

What will I learn?

You will learn how to play some basic guitar chords and a few songs.     

How will I learn it?

You will learn it through playing!  We spend most of the class practicing chords and songs.

How can I be successful in this class?

Perfect practice makes perfect!  You need to put in some time practicing to be successful in this class. 




What will I learn? In band, students learn how to play their band instrument and express themselves through music. Band students learn music theory and literacy, composition and improvisation skills, music history, and how the world is affected by the arts. Band also teaches students how to be excellent leaders as well as team players!

How will I learn it? Band class is primarily a hands-on activity, but we also practice theory, do research, and discuss how we can create an impact through the arts. It is expected that all students will play and practice their instrument often in order to learn class content and improve! Most in-class learning would be considered group work, but individual practice also plays a large role in band. Units include preparing for a festival performance, exploring current events and their ties to the arts, and basic music theory.

How can I be successful in this class? Students are constantly being assessed on their literacy, musicianship skills, and personal growth. This includes theory quizzes, playing tests, and self-reflection practice journals. The best way to improve is to practice your instrument regularly and prepare for theory quizzes using the resources provided in class!

Do the band classes go on trips? Yes! Grade 7 and 8 bands can expect a one day trip, while Grade 9 Band can expect an overnight trip. Generally, BLMS bands will travel to music festivals to experience a variety of learning opportunities. Bishop Lloyd Band Program also hosts winter and spring band concerts. Full participation in all band activities is an expectation.

What do students have to say about band?

“I love band because it’s fun to play my trumpet and there’s always new music to play, even if it’s not in band class.” - SB

“Band is amazing because it’s an opportunity for us to try new things with others students who play different instruments. It’s really fun and I totally recommend it to others.” - KE

“Band is is a good challenge to have. You get to go on trips and work with different music professionals, and you can learn so many different tips from the different teachers.” - JD

“You should be in band because it’s a great way for you to learn a new talent. I really enjoy playing in band and can’t wait to continue next year!” - DJ


Other Grade 9 Options:

Students will take all 4 option courses that will run 1 per term for the 2021 2022 school year. The courses are Media Studies, Advanced Art, Future Endeavours and Outdoor Education. The order in which the options courses are delivered will be organized by homeroom teachers. Students also have the option of enrolling in French 9 which will be a full semester class.  French 9 will replace 2 of the 4 options courses.

Advanced Art 9

Advanced Art 9

Advanced Art is geared towards independent students who have surpassed the instruction in their basic arts education classes, and who have a passion for creating works of art. Students taking this course should be skilled in drawing and shading, and have experience using acrylic paint.

The first unit of study in this class is proportional drawing with a focus on adding value to create the illusion of form, space and light. The second unit of study has a focus on the use of value with acrylic paints. Units of study may vary slightly from year to year, dependent upon student interest and artistic skill level of the class. Students will be assessed on their mastery of skills targeted in a given project, completion and quality of project requirements and creativity. There will be plenty of opportunity for self-expression and individualized projects throughout this course.

French 9

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French 9

Theme of the course is movies/films. In French 9, we do a lot of writing and spending time expanding our French grammar to set you up for high school. We do incorporate French reading, as well as speaking and listening. To further develop our French skills, we work through the medium of movies! We go through the many elements of a movie - from trailers, genres, actors, actresses, plot, opinions, to finishing off the term with a movie critique. We spend time learning pronunciation and speaking with our classmates in French. We do some group work and collaboration, as well as individual work. Students are assessed in many different ways, from puzzles, to writing, games, creating a video and speaking activities. Come get your inner French geek on!  Join French 9!

Former students say:

French 9 is a great class designed to getting you speaking, writing, and understanding French as quickly as possible. The class is honestly very simple and enjoyable, and the work is sometimes challenging, but never daunting. Mrs. Andres is a really effective, amazing teacher, and she builds the content of the course based on what peaks students’ interests. For us, there were even baby chicks, noodles, and Russian involved, so, you never know. You will get out of this class what you put into it. Student 2019

Future Endeavors 9

Future Endeavours

Future Endeavours is an optional course at the grade 9 level that focuses on relating current school expectations to real life expectations within the workforce. The curriculum aims to help students expand their occupational awareness and improve their skills towards future careers and real-life situations.

In this course we covered units on Business Etiquette, Accounting, Management, Law and Entrepreneurship. Within these units students will complete multiple assignments ranging from individual written assignments to oral presentation to quizzes to modules and finally major open-ended projects. The course allows students to work by individually, with a partner or in small groups, depending on how they work best.

Through this course there will be lots of class discussions, projects and presentations both from classmates and from outside sources.

This is an academic course and you will get out of it, what you put into it.

Student quotes: “It is very useful”.

“It prepares you for future events in your life, like how to act and dress in the business world”. Taylor Vance

Media Studies 9

Media Studies 9

What will I learn?

In this course we will be working on developing media literacy skills through analyzing advertisements, researching propaganda, discussing pop culture and determining bias in the news. Each unit consists of creative projects (posters/videos/skits/etc.) and written paragraph reflections.

How will I learn it?

Students will be utilizing technology to learn about our topics in class. We will watch videos and documentaries, view images, research media examples, and work with online archives. This course focuses heavily on class discussion and presenting your ideas to the group.

How can I be successful in this class?

Students will be asked to share creative ideas, work with others, and present in front of the class during this course. We will focus on building confidence in a safe and encouraging space. The expectation is that students will come to class with a positive attitude and use class time effectively. 

Outdoor Ed 9

Outdoor Education

Course Description: Outdoor Education 9 provides an understanding of the theoretical principles and opportunities to demonstrate competency in a variety of physical and social nature-based environments. Particular emphasis is placed on risk management, land navigation, trip planning, ecological literacy, outdoor living and leadership skills. Skill development and application of theory will be enhanced through weekly outdoor labs that will require active student participation in an outdoor setting.

Learner Outcomes:

➢ Demonstrate an effective understanding of Leave No Trace principles in relation to

environment ethics ➢ Understand, critically assess, and practice the principles of Leave No Trace ➢ Demonstrate an understanding of thermoregulation and effective clothing systems ➢ Demonstrate proficiency of thermoregulation and effective clothing systems for the

environmental conditions in which we encounter ➢ Demonstrate proficiency in route and equipment planning for short multi-day

nature-based living and travelling experiences ➢ Demonstrate healthy food planning and preparation for short multi-day nature-based

experience ➢ Demonstrate effective use, care, and repair of outdoor equipment ➢ Identify common backcountry pathogens and implement safe practices in hygiene and

water purification in an outdoor environment ➢ Identify and apply the basic principles of risk management theory in an outdoor setting ➢ Effectively observe outdoor leadership and decision making skills ➢ Apply the principles of group dynamics theory in an outdoor environment ➢ Demonstrate an understanding and competence in the theory and skills of land navigation ➢ Demonstrate an understanding and competence in basic camp-craft skills and theory


  1. Outdoor and Ecological Theory ______________________40%
  2. Skill Acquisition __________________________________ 40%
  3. Outdoor Experiential Education Project ________________20%

Evaluation Details: A portion of this course will be taught for skills acquisition. Therefore, certain skills and knowledge will be evaluated. You must display satisfactory competency in order to pass this section of the course. Grades will be assigned to reflect performance levels on various skills.

Personal Equipment: Students must have suitably warm clothing (including footwear, rain gear, and head-gear) and a binder with lined paper for every class. Furthermore, students must be adequately prepared despite weather conditions or they will not be permitted to participate in outdoor sessions.

A Good Frame of Reference for this Course: If you happen to be skilled, knowledgeable, or “good” at an activity covered in this course, please be open to learning new ways of doing the familiar. Like a parachute, the mind works best when open; and, knowledge has no limits! If you are skilled in a certain outdoor activity covered in this course, please inform me prior to the lesson so that I may be able to use you experience to help others learn.

Hockey Academy

At all grade levels students have the opportunity to join the Hockey Academy program if they wish. It is a user pay program that offers students the opportunity to train on and off ice with high quality instructors. Time for Academy will replace time typically received for physical education and health. Please see the link below for more information.